Bucket List ✔

Hahaha I hope I can do these before I die =))

Go scuba diving.
Avail a privilege card from Papemelroti.
Witness a shooting star.
Become a successful doctor, a forensic doctor.
Reach the height of 5 feet, 5 inches. LOL.
Be able to talk to my relatives in Chinese.
See myself in a television.
See a real, beating heart.
Become a speaker in a conference.
Buy something online. (Addicted already huhu)
Receive an overseas mail.
Experience a surprise party.
Walk in a sandbar.
Have my own condominium.
Have my own car.
Have my own camera.  (Hello Instax Mini 25!)
Become friends with a celebrity.
Have my room painted with polka dots.
Become a model (role model corny haha).
Play a slot machine and win!
Have a friend who will teach me play basketball.
Have my own credit card.
Win at any contest and receive a cash prize.
See a real snow.
Go to my school A-L-O-N-E. 
Have my own birthday party.
Enter an org. (Hello MicroSoc & Scarlet)
Shake hands with Ramon Bautista.
Become a dean’s lister.
Become friends with my longtime crush. (update: still no chance)
Learn how to play the piano. (YES FINALLY FINALLY OMG)
Slow dance with a special someone.
Ride in an airplane.
Go to Boracay.
Go island hopping.
See a cadaver.  (This is sofa king cool @ Med Bldg)
Go ghost hunting with friends.
Go to med school.
Read the whole set of Kikomachine Komix.
Cross Marcos Highway alone. 
Be awake for 24 hours straight.
Have a sleepover with my bestfriends.

Ride the space shuttle! (yes finally! wasn’t that scary)
Sell something handmade.
Go to Ja
pan / South Korea.
Have a
picture with someone famous (a band!!). (Jeric Fortuna? Hihi <3 )
Get a grade of flat one (exce
pt phys. ed.)